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(updated 11 - 12 - 13)

Thanks for your emails! Although I can't answer each one personally, I LOVE to hear from you. Please email me:
Alex [at] AlexSanchez [dot] com

Questions I'm most often asked:

Can you come to visit my school?
I love to speak at schools, colleges, libraries, youth groups, conferences, and GSAs about tolerance, acceptance, and being true to who you are! Want me to come to your city? Email me!

Will there be any more Rainbow sequels after Rainbow Road?
Although I understand the interest readers have in the characters, as a writer I need to take a break from the Rainbow books for a while. Maybe someday I'll revisit the characters. In the meantime, I am writing OTHER books which I hope you'll enjoy! My newest book, Boyfriends with Girlfriends, about bi teens, is now out!

Are there other gay teen books?
Yep, check out the list of gay teen books.

Are your books available as e-books?
YES! Some are available on Amazon, others at the iTunes store.

Are your books available as audio-books?
YES! All of my books are either currently available or soon will be as audio downloads from Simply search for Alex Sanchez.

Will there be a Hollywood movie or TV version of the Rainbow trilogy?

I hope so. As soon as a Hollywood deal is set, I'll post it on this website.

Who are the cute guys on the covers?  Is it possible to get their phone numbers?
The guys are models hired by the publisher. Unfortunately, I have no say in the selection of the models or design of the book jackets. I only write the books! You may recognize the original Jason on RAINBOW BOYS as TV star Matt Bomer. Sorry, I don't have his or the other guys' phone numbers!

Help spread the word about Rainbow Boys, Rainbow High, Rainbow Road, So Hard to Say, Getting It, The God Box, Bait and Boyfriends with Girlfriends - request your school or local library to purchase them!

Peace, Alex

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